Download Free Urdu Phonetic Keyboard

Urdu Phonetic Keyboard 

Download free urdu phonetic keyboard:

Download The Urdu Keyboard Free Download
Urdu phonetic keyboard download for windows 7 Now You can install Urdu phonetic keyboard for typing Urdu,  Phonetic keyboard in your system it`s a good for Urdu typing but it`s not for unless you can write Urdu whatever you want it`s 100% working . Urdu phonetic keyboard software free download it`s not optimization for its performances. Download Urdu phonetic keyboard
How to Download & Install Urdu phonetic key board
Click on Download Now 5 seconds wait after that click on ( skip add then Click on (kiwi6) Download file with software size after Extract the downloaded file& double click the setup to install a keyboard layout.
To add Keyboard Layouts for Windows XP sp2,3 & Windows 7/8/
ü  Click on start
ü  Click on Control Panel
ü  Click on Date, Time, language  
ü  Regional and Language options, (icon)
ü  Press “Language” tab
ü  Press “Detail” button
ü  Press “Add” button
ü  Select “,”Input Language;;“Urdu phonetic  Keyboard Double click “Regional and Language options” icon
  • Press “Language” tab
  • Press “Detail” button
  • Press “Add” button
  • Select “Input Language: “Urdu”, & Keyboard layout  Urdu Phonetic
 Urdu Phonytic Keyboard

Download Free Urdu Phonetic Keyboard

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